Art critic residency @Lokaal01

On March the 10th, Dutch video artist Emma van der Put (1988, Den Bosch) will start her art residency at the Antwerp art space Lokaal 01. Part of this program is a so-called “art critic residency”, during which four young art critics are each matched with an artist that has been awarded a residency in the art space. As I am part of this critics residency, I was matched with Emma van der Put. During her residency she will be working on new video work, I get to follow her in this process, and write an art-critical text about it. This is the first time I will be writing about both the work process as well as the end result, which is greatly exciting!

In the mean time, Emma van der Put is nominated for the annual Volkskrant Beeldende Kunstprijs. She was nominated for this prize by the director of the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Edwin Jacobs. He scouted her work for the prize, by stating: “[Emma] conveys the feeling that you look at the world for the very first time and you observe it from within. It is like you are not watching at, but from within the topic. You feel the pulse of the maker, not in the grand gesture, but through the concentration in looking. Wonderful!”

The work of Emma and the other nominees for the prize is now part of an exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. The exhibition runs until May 11th; the prize will be awarded on April 13, during a special edition of the TV show Kunststof TV.

Still from: Emma van der Put “Room” Videoloop 4’ (2014)



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