Stijl-ish commercial

Last week in the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof, I could not help but noticing this commercial display.


Mondrian is all around.


  1. She who seeks shall find:) This is a very amusing picture, but in order to find Mondrian behind it does it not need a perceptual filter which prepares one for perceptually filtering the assemblage in this manner?

  2. Yes, she does, always 🙂 Obviously one employs such a filter, but that doesn’t make the visual language any less powerful, right?

    1. I surely didn’t mean this as a criticism. On the contrary, this photo made me see things that I had not seen before; but it does underline how we may come to see novel things by virtue of the traditions that we carry with us. I am quite sure that I actually passed this show case on my way through Hamburg in January. I found it not very conspicuous, but I do now given the blogger’s astute illumination. This is really world-confirming. Look at a shop exhibition and have recourse to modern art. This is spectacular. Once again, an intriguing observation fro the blogger.

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