COLLECT Article: Gonzalez

[14] cactusman I_Gonzales copy


For the December Issue of COLLECT Art & Antiques Journal, I wrote an article about the Spanish artist Julio Gonzalez. Currently the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, The Netherlands is dedicating an exhibition to his work, his friendship and collaboration with Pablo Picasso and other contemporaries. Gonzalez was trained as a metal worker in the workshop of his father. His skills in metal welding caused for a revolution in the sculpting process. Painters, amongst others Picasso, approached him, to assist in turning painted images into three-dimensional sculptures. Gonzalez, although living most his working life in Paris, felt dearly connected to the faith of the Catalans under the Franco regime. Many of his sculptures refer to their hopeless situation, but also to pride and resistance.

The exhibition Gonzalez, Picasso and Friends is on display in The Hague until April 2, 2018.

COLLECT is available in The Netherlands and Belgium, in Dutch and French editions.


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