Public lecture: Oude Kerk

On June 21, I will give a lecture at the symposium The Resurrection of the Lost Image, in the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam.

The inspiration for the symposium comes from the new installation by Giorgio Andreotta Calo, whose work has coloured the entire church in a red hue. This mind blowing installation made me think about the question of lost images and how we, through contemporary art and heritage practices, try to preserve or resurface them. To what extent can these practices do a historical and religious site justice? And to what extent do we have to accept that some images may be simply lost forever?

How can we deal with past and present images, peoples, traditions, and beliefs in a place that transformed from religious site to museum site – but is still used for Sunday services?

I will explore this question in my talk “Picturing the Divine: The Sacred in a Church turned Museum.”


Other speakers are Lorenzo Benedetti, Prof. Marcel Barnard, Dr. Marc de Kesel. Director of the Oude Kerk, Jacqueline Grandjean will moderate the evening.

See the website of the Oude Kerk, Amsterdam for more information about the symposium.





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