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Essay Young Art Critics Awards

A blog post from December 28, 2012 ·


The ZomerExpo published the essay (in Dutch) I wrote for the biannual Young Art Critics Awards on their website. In this essay I write about meaning making in and of visual arts. On how the arts function within society and how to regard the arts in times of crisis. I use the ZomerExpo as an example of opening up standard frameworks in the museum world and positioning art works at the heart of a large relational network. This network becomes the actual topic of interest, more so than the individual works of art. In my opinion, art should always be approached within its relational network to offer insights in its functioning for both individuals and a society as a whole.

For this essay I received a basis prize, which means the essay is published in the 2012 Awards Publication. Furthermore, I get to take part in a masterclass on art criticism given by Edo Dijksterhuis. This masterclass consists of three parts and will be taught in the first quarter of 2013.

I am very grateful to the ZomerExpo for publishing my essay: read it here!

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