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The Last Supper of Dumas, Edelson & Ohlson Wallin


January 2014 saw the publication of a new issue of n.paradoxa, the international feminist art journal.

For this theme issue on Religion, I wrote an article about the role of gender in the use of the Last Supper motive by the contemporary artists Marlene Dumas, Mary Beth Edelson and Elisbeth Ohlson Wallin.

images  Women Artist 003ohlson_wallin

To read the editorial, see the table of contents, and purchase options – online and in print – go to the website of n.paradoxa!

n.paradoxa is the only international feminist art journal in the world, specializing in the visual arts and feminist theory (post 1970). The journal title means: n = noun; para = beyond; doxa = taught or accepted opinion.

Images (from left to right):
Marlene Dumas, The Last Supper (1985-1991);
Mary Beth Edelson, Some Living American Women Artists/ Last Supper (1972);
Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin, The Last Supper (1998.

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