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Art Stations of the Cross

Until April 22, the exhibition project Art Stations of the Cross is taking place in the historic heart of Amsterdam. This exhibition of contemporary artworks reflects upon the tradition of the fourteen Stations of the Cross, located across thirteen monumental and historic locations. The exhibition runs throughout Lent 2019, and during this period I am conducting a special research project.

My research at Art Stations

The multiform relationship between religion and art has been the subject of a growing academic field since the late nineteenth century. In disciplines from art history to religious studies, anthropology to museum studies, and theology to philosophy, religion and the arts are a much-discussed topic.

Initiated by reverend Catriona Laing and theologian Aaron Rosen, Art Stations of the Cross is not only liturgically innovative, but also incorporates academically relevant dimensions. Supported by the Sormanifonds and Gladstone’s Library, the Amsterdam edition of 2019 is the first site of research on the question how visitors experience this art pilgrimage.

Do art lovers walking this path transform into a type of pilgrim? How do the displayed artworks and the religious heritage sites facilitate experiences of the themes around the Stations of the Cross? And to what extent is the art route exemplary for ongoing discussions about the relationship between tourism and pilgrimage? These questions are at the heart of my research during the Amsterdam edition.

Join the research!

Would you like to share your experiences of visiting Art Stations of the Cross by participating in the research, please be in touch via

Station 12: Jesus dies at the cross – Anjet van Linge, Kyrie Eleison (2018)

For more information about the participating artworks and locations in Art Stations of the Cross: Troubled Waters: check the exhibition website.

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