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Exhibition open!

Since June 25, the exhibition ‘Mary Magdalene’ is on view at Museum Catharijneconvent in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Mary Magdalene is one of the most enigmatic women from the New Testament. In a trans-historical display of artistic representations from the eleventh century to the present day, this exhibition explores the enduring fascination for this mysterious saint.

After working on it as curator for over two years, it has been just wonderful to see people visiting the exhibition and engaging with the artworks over the past weeks. And the good news is: the exhibition will be on view through January 9, 2022!

exhibition view. photo: Lieke Wijnia.

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication ‘Mary Magdalene. Chief Witness, Sinner, Feminist’, published by Waanders Publishers and Museum Catharijneconvent. In this book, ten authors have written contributions to explore the caleidoscopic character of Mary Magdalene: her presence in various religious traditions, popular culture and as feminist icon. The book (both in English and Dutch) is available in the museum shop, book stores, and online.

the book on display at book store Steven Sterk, Utrecht. photo: Lieke Wijnia.

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